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The AMAEYA Professional Services team partners with your own teams to enable you to cover time, resource or expertise constraints and meet your goals. We offer a variety of custom services depending on your requirements, to ensure all of your solutions are running quickly, efficiency and running latest versions.

This can include a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, capacity planning, deployment & fine-tuning, configuration, backups and disaster recovery as well as project management. For more complex environments, we also help with topology design of the various solutions, and can design for High-Availability, Disaster Recovery, load or geographical distribution modes and more. 

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design, planning & management

Our team can help your plan, deploy & tune our solutions to suit your environment with minimal business impact. This includes items such as capacity planning, configuration, backups & disaster recovery and project management. For complex environments, we also help with topology design for High-availability or DR modes, load or geographical distribution modes.


Our team is certified towards deployment of all of our solutions & services, as well as to help with design, planning, customization, implementation, fine-tuning training and overall project management. We are here to ensure that your project is on schedule, meets the requirements and has all the necessary hand off tasks so that your team is ready to go.


Our engineers can help identify and fix critical issues within your environment based on best practices. Custom remediation packages are available upon request.


We can also help you migrating your existing installations, whether to another server/s or locations. This typically also includes upgrading your installation to the latest available versions. 

Customizations & Integrations

We can also help you with custom requirements, such as detailed product customizations or integration with existing solutions such as change management systems (CMS) and service desks, other security solutions, import or export of existing data, etc. and building of custom reports.


Our services meet your specific needs and can be purchased by the day, or in hourly blocks.