As Web applications continue to become more complex to meet user requirements, it is that much more critical for your application & security teams to stay on top of your application's security posture to handle the ever increasing threat surface area.

With a global deployment model, AMAEYA's web app scan infrastructure brings you a ready-to-go scanning service so that you can get started instantly for online applications, and within days for offline applications. Better start times means instant Return on Investments (ROIs), faster remediation cycles for your security teams and centralized reporting across your organization.

Salient features:

  • Understand your applications file & folder structure and paths
  • Report on vulnerabilities related to SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header attacks and over 3000 other web-application vulnerabilities 
  • Remediate security, code and database issues to improve risk & compliance
  • Tabulate your web application posture against OWASP, WASC industry standards

accurate, verifiable results

All scan results are populated based on actual tests, and all payloads sent to the web applications are provided within the reports for verification.

The vulnerability database is populated based on data collected from numerous sources, including partners and R&D. With an industry-leading knowledgebase that is constnatly growing, AMAEYA ensures that every report you receive maintains the highlest levels of accuracy possible.

Our standard assignments also include follow-up verification scans as well as on-going assessments to make sure you uncover any newly discovered or introduced vulnerabilities & issues throughout the lifecycle of your application.

detailed reports

For each scan performed, AMAEYA provides a full crawl report for your web application as well as a detailed scan report, with scan statistics and detailed vulnerability information. Results confirming each vulnerability are also provided with URLs and payloads sent as verification.

Our scan reports also tabulate your web application vulnerabilities against industry standards such as OWASP and WASC.