AMAEYA launches new optimized site with SEOSamba

SEO Samba, the leading SEO software in scalable SEO automation, with its front-end SEO CMS, SEOTOASTER, is a Web marketing software platform where Web sites are built to increase performances with search engines. SEO Samba automatically executes search engine optimization techniques, and markets products & services to an ever increasing number of free Internet marketing web sites, directories, and search engines.

AMAEYA is a Managed IT Services Provider focused on providing secure, reliable, scalable and affordable solutions to help customers meet their short- and long-term strategic IT goals. AMAEYA leverages the economies of scale available through cloud infrastructures to offer services to customers independent of platform, architecture or size.

Chris Clavel, SEO Samba Sales Director said, "It is a pleasure to welcome the team at AMAEYA into the SEO Samba family. Our technology is meant to take the AMAEYA Web site to the ranks it deserves within the search engines radar scope, starting with Google, but also Bing and Yahoo."

Chirag Desai, Director at AMAEYA, commented on the optimized Web site powered by SEO Samba's front-end SEO CMS, SEOTOASTER: "We really like the new SEO CMS environment. It is extremely compelling, straight-forward and efficient. It is the easiest CMS to use in our experience.” Chirag continued, "AMAEYA has various cloud-based services and solutions and it was extremely important to cover the optimization of our wide spectrum of IT products in our competitive market. SEO Samba made it possible for us. The news section added to our site will enable us to broadcast our latest services and solutions via RSS feeds directly to our customers and partners."

Michel Leconte, SEO Samba’s CEO added: “The impact from SEO Samba’s patent pending technology on AMAEYA's Web site was visible within a few days. Within a few days of submitting the changes, AMAEYA's sought after key phrases gained great positioning in searches. AMAEYA's visibility will only increase thanks to our content driven platform, while they will better inform their Web site visitors through an increasing number of integrated marketing tools".

AMAEYA is a Cloud Based Managed Services Provider, offering services for Infrastructure, Security & Disaster Recovery. AMAEYA's mission is to protect its customers' Confidentiality, Availability & Integrity through a host of solutions that help mitigate the risks they face in their daily operations. AMAEYA operates a dedicated Network Operations Center.

AMAEYA operates with a global presence with customers and partners in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India. AMAEYA is registered in the UAE with teams of expert engineers in the UAE and India, and valued partners who offer AMAEYA services locally in the global market.

For more information, please visit the AMAEYA website.
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