AMAEYA announces launch of cloud-based web & email security in India

With an estimated 40,000 new threats emerging every day, users are not completely secure with traditional and fully on-premise solutions, such as just using an anti-virus program. Additional protection needs to be made available, especially within the enterprise, to provide a safe and secure environment for users.

AMAEYA Web Security is a Software-as-a-Service offering that does not require any additional infrastructure to deploy; most customer environments can be covered within days rather than months, allowing for better Return on Investments. The process can be completely transparent to the end users, and leverages the cloud for up-to-date threat definitions to help ensure all endpoints are secure. In addition, any number of customer sites can be covered at the same cost per user, providing an equal level of protection across all customer sites and to remote users, without the requirement of complex VPN setup.

AMAEYA Email Security works by filtering all email traffic before it enters the customers' infrastructure; organizations therefore do not need to worry about safe zones within their network to neutralize threats. In addition, Email Security offers options for additional protection such as end-to-end email encryption and deep image analysis to ensure that you reach an industry-standard level of protection without additional load on your CAPEX or resources.

"More and more organizations find that traditional methods of security are proving both inefficient and expensive . Internal IT teams spend 80 percent of their time on break-fixing and maintenance rather than focusing on strategic business initiatives," said Chirag Desai, Director of Technical Services at AMAEYA. "By leveraging the cloud, they're putting themselves in a better position to fight the threats without taxing their existing resources, and inverting this 80-20 relationship."

The availability of the Web & Email Security Services in India is open to both customers and interested providers who wish to partner with AMAEYA to offer these services to their end customers. AMAEYA provides full support for these services through a dedicated 24x7 support team.

"We're extremely excited to introduce these services in the Indian Subcontinent — we believe there is a gap we can fill by deploying such quick, easy and innovative technology in this region. Along with the Middle East and African markets where we have an established presence, India is an emerging market that can benefit with such innovative solutions," Desai added.

AMAEYA is a Cloud Based Managed Services Provider, offering services for Infrastructure, Security & Disaster Recovery. AMAEYA's mission is to protect its customers' Confidentiality, Availability & Integrity through a host of solutions that help mitigate the risks they face in their daily operations. AMAEYA operates a dedicated Network Operations Center.

AMAEYA operates with a global presence with customers and partners in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India. AMAEYA is registered in the UAE with teams of expert engineers in the UAE and India, and valued partners who offer AMAEYA services locally in the global market.

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