AMAEYA announces launch of revamped archiving service

AMAEYA today announced the launch of its Email archiving service to complement the existing Email Filtering service offered as part of its security portfolio. Rollout of the archiving service is now complete to all existing customers.

As part of the enhanced service, existing Email Filtering customers will now have access to a 30-day rolling archive as part of their service. The archive will allow users access to all email received up to 30-days ago within the same web interface. Users are able to search, view, retrieve and reply to messages directly within the web interface. Access to the rolling archive is available even if the organization's email server is down, thereby adding to business continuity requirements.

In addition to the 30-day archive, customers can also avail of extended storage options, such as 1-, 3-, 5- and 7-year retention based on internal requirements as well as compliance standards in effect, starting as low as $1/user/month. 

AMAEYA also announced that the Email filtering service also offers a secure messaging option, allowing customers to protect the integrity of outgoing email at an added cost per user.


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