AMAEYA launches groundbreaking ITaaS platform

AMAEYA, a leading Managed Security & Services Provider, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking IT-as-a-Service portal that helps unify IT services into one central platform.

Amaeya helps improve efficiency within IT organizations by providing an integrated view of each asset with an organization's infrastructure to cover availability, security & service management within a central delivery mechanism. Cognito has worked closely with internal teams, customers and partners to integrate existing and new technologies into its core interface.

"Amaeya is where we believe IT should be headed - integration, intelligence and innovation. IT organizations today suffer from disparate, distributed and unsynchronized data about the same core pieces of infrastructure. This makes it tougher for IT admins, managers and even business owners to understand true value or exposure," said Chirag Desai, Director of Technical Services at AMAEYA, speaking about the launch. "With Amaeya, you can finally understand core values - availability, performance, risk & service delivery metrics - for your infrastructure in the same place - so you can stop spending time combining spreadsheets and focus on actions & initiatives based on these metrics."

Amaeya offers an infrastructure management platform, a strong vulnerability management platform and an integrated service desk platform to provide true asset management. With a strong roadmap for both features and technology for the rest of the year, Amaeya aims to provide true IT-as-a-Service, and can be deployed in a Software-as-a-Service model or on-premise.

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AMAEYA is a leading IT Services company, providing infrastructure, security & disaster recovery services to help its customers & partners achieve a symbiosis between their IT & business needs. AMAEYA offers industry-leading services that help bring instant ROIs, are deployed within days or less, and are compatible with all types of vendors and architectures.

Our flagship IT-as-a-Service portal, is founded on 3 core principles — integration, intelligence & innovation for IT — and is the first real integrated technology platform to combine availability, performance, security & service delivery metrics.

AMAEYA owns and operates a dedicated 24x7 Network Operations Center, and maintains a global presence with customers and partners in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India.

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