FIREWALL change management

Automate your security policy change process, starting from design and proactive risk analysis through to implementation, validation and auditing. FireFlow helps operations & security teams save time, reduce risk and avoid errors due to manual oversight and analysis. FireFlow also integrates and further complements existing IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions by adding firewall & network intelligence, which can then be easily customized based on your organization's specific business processes, compliance & audit requirements.

Salient features: 

  • Eliminate mistakes, rework and manual errors, improving accountability
  • Align existing business processes to your change management lifecycle
  • Reduce time spent assessing unnecessary/incorrect requests
  • Align network, security and managerial teams inside one pane of glass through the change lifecycle
  • Prioritize change requests based on Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics & identify bottlenecks in the change process.
  • Proactively assess impact of network changes, ensuring continuous compliance
  • Automate the recertification process for existing complex firewall rules
  • Document & audit the entire change management lifecycle


FireFlow automatically analyzes every proposed change prior to implementation to ensure compliance with existing regulatory and internal corporate standards. Changes in risk levels can trigger corresponding workflows involving the risk & compliance teams. Additionally, FireFlow provides out-of-the-box workflows for adding, removing & recertifying rules that can be easily incorporated, keeping your change workflows continuously compliant.


FireFlow also provides automatic rule push for approved rule changes, in the next change window with rollback mechanisms to ensure a safe implementation. All change is tracked and can be audited, and pass through your organization's workflow before implementation. FireFlow also audits each change to make sure the corresponding traffic flows have been released or blocked as the case may be, reducing errors induced by manual oversight.


design intelligent requests

By integrating with Firewall Analyzer, FireFlow automatically assesses change requests within your on-premise or cloud security controls. Unnecessary ('already in place') change requests are identified and closed immediately, and implementation that can utilize existing firewall rules & objects are recommended to reduce policy clutter and complexity.

stay in control

FireFlow validates the correct execution of change requests & prevents premature closure of tickets. FireFlow also continually matches change requests with the actual policy changes, helping your teams detect unauthorized, out-of-band and incorrect changes to make sure changes are implemented exactly as requested & approved.


FireFlow integrates seamlessly with IT Service Management solutions such as ServiceNow, BMC Remedy and HP so your users can continue to track changes within these existing systems. 

free trial

Get started today with a free trial for Firewall Change Management, and see how your team can benefit from integrated change management for your security devices across different vendors, keeping your processes & devices in continuous compliance.