Data Center Application Connectivity Management

Application manager lets you securely provision, maintain and decommission applications and devices. Accelerate application delivery, minimize outages and enforce security & compliance across your organizations' virtual, cloud & physical data centers by mapping application connectivity requirements with the underlying network infrastructure.

Salient features

  • Visualize & provision connectivity for business applications in 1/x the time
  • Securely remove network access for decommissioned applications, devices
  • Automatically assess impacts of network changes on application availability
  • View application level vulnerabilities & risks, integrated with your own scan solutions 
  • Foster collaboration across application, network & security teams to support development operations


Application owners can directly request connectivity or device changes in non-networking terms and the necessary firewall/router rule changes are automatically computed. In addition, change requests can be automatically triggered directly to the change management module.


The system provides critical understanding of the impact of any firewall rule changes, planned server or device downtime by mapping your application to the underlying connectivity flows. This helps prevent unplanned downtime or availability issues triggered by changes.


Application Manager integrates with leading vulnerability scanners such as Nessus, Qualys & Rapid7 to map your application level vulnerabilities into the context of your data centre applications. 

discover & map applications

With powerful discovery capabilities, Application Manager automatically identifies all your enterprise applications & services, their connectivity flows and provides a dynamic graphical map to monitor your application profile.

You can also view & edit application flows and troubleshoot connectivity outages without having to review extensive firewall rules.


Maintain complete control of security policy management throughout complex migration or decommissioning projects covering hundreds of servers. 

Application owners can select servers that need to be migrated or decommissioned and the system automatically identifies all the affected applications and generates necessary change requests keeping the integrity of your organization's network access & change processes.


Get started today with a free trial of Application Manager to see how you could improve your application efficiency, while integrating across your application and network teams with great returns on your investment.