optimize data center performance & visibility

As the number of servers, services & applications within your organization continue to grow across multiple departments, geographies and skill sets, server admins don't have it easy. Between daily tasks such as troubleshooting and analyzing issues & log files, accommodating new requests & changes and longer-term tasks such as server optimization, compliance, patch management, performance enhancements & security assessments, the challenge to reduce critical business impacts due to downtime continues to grow. The issues are amplified in heterogenous environments, across physical, virtual & cloud-based devices and services, multiple vendors and skill-sets deliverable across geographies.

AMAEYA's suite of services for server administrators helps you streamline server management, from performance management with server- & application-level monitoring, application management to security management, covering both the routine, daily administration and troubleshooting tasks to long-term change management, compliance and server optimization.


  • Proactive monitor all servers whether physical, virtual or in the cloud
  • Expedite troubleshooting activity by reviewing pain points and service failures through detailed indicators & alerts
  • Deliver better server performance through long-term analysis of data points across devices, services & applications
  • Manage application change workflows, including commissioning or decommissioning of devices
  • Integrate with network teams on change management, troubleshooting and more
  • Manage access to critical business services, including Active Directory, SharePoint etc
  • Reduce time & costs to manage servers by up to 40%

Take a look at our various offerings for server administrators and see we can help your organization:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring — view real-time metrics across your devices & applications, with proactive alerts based on aggregate metrics such as percentiles, averages, outliers and delta.
  • Managed Services — our 24x7 NOC team is a certified & trusted support to help you manage a variety of infrastructure needs across your servers, network & security devices, whether these are physical, virtual or in the cloud, with support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace and more.
  • DatAdvantage — identify who has access to what Windows, Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange or Linux/UNIX resources and what data is overexposed.
  • Web Application Security — scan & crawl your web applications to understand vulnerabilities & security issues, tabulated against industry standards such as OWASP and WASC. 
  • BusinessFlow — automate security policy & application management to support connectivity needs and faster service delivery
  • Email Security — provide robust email protection for incoming & outgoing email without the need for any added hardware or software
  • Email Archiving — provide consolidate email archiving, with custom retention and full proof retrieval without the need for added hardware