Easy Service Management

IT Services can be labor-intensive and difficult to deliver due to intricate regulations, complex networks and a varying array of customer needs. This is particularly true of security & infrastructure management despite being a core offering of most service providers.

AMAEYA's suite of services allow you to remain competitive, reduce your cost of service customers and help automate & streamline operations, helping you develop value-added services easily for further differentiation.

Key Benefits

  • Support multiple verticals of customers and devices with a single solution
  • Provide high-margin value added services for policy assessment, risk & compliance management, network & security optimization and more
  • Multi-tenant architecture allows you to support multiple customers within one console
  • Customizable communication and reports allow you to brand customer-facing reports
  • Customizable workflows help tailor your offerings to each customer's own processes and needs

free trials

All of our services come with free 14- or 30-day proof of concepts (PoCs) that can be availed by your customers. These PoCs are typically backed by full support and a full feature set for the duration of the trial

Take a look at our various offerings and see how they would help your customers:

  • BusinessFlow — automate security policy & application management to support connectivity needs and faster service delivery
  • Firewall Analyzer — deliver complete visibility of security policy, with real-time and continuous monitoring and auditing of rule changes
  • FireFlow — automate the security policy change workflow from submission, to design, to risk analysis, to implementation & validation
  • DatAdvantage — ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, monitor all access & flag any abuse
  • Email Security — provide robust email protection for incoming & outgoing email without the need for any added hardware or software
  • Email Archiving — provide consolidate email archiving, with custom retention and full proof retrieval without the need for added hardware
  • Professional services & training — provide implementation support, training, upgrades & more to your customers backed by qualified & certified engineers