Simplify, automate & Secure Network Operations

Managing an increasing number of security policies and internal guidelines across your security infrastructure is always challenges. Between daily tasks such as troubleshooting connectivity, incorporating new requests & changes and broader long-term tasks such as policy optimization & compliance, the challenge to reduce critical business impacts and errors continually gets larger. These issues are amplified in a heterogeneous environment spanning multiple vendors, devices, geographies & teams. 

AMAEYA's suite of services enables you to streamline security devices & policies across all major firewalls, routers & related security devices, helping you automate manual, repetitive & error-prone tasks relating to daily management, change management, security & compliance. 

key benefits

  • Proactively track firewall changes and manage potential issues
  • Expedite troubleshooting activity by validating connectivity through applications and between devices
  • Deliver security policy framework, supported by internal & external compliance requirements
  • Optimize firewalls & routers for long-term use by staying on top of unused, inefficient and non-validated rules 
  • Reduce time & costs to process security policy changes by up to 60%

Take a look at our various offerings for network operations and see we can help your organization:

  • BusinessFlow — automate security policy & application management to support connectivity needs and faster service delivery
  • Firewall Analyzer — deliver complete visibility of security policy, with real-time and continuous monitoring and auditing of rule changes
  • FireFlow — automate the security policy change workflow from submission, to design, to risk analysis, to implementation & validation