Align Security & Business

As a CIO, you have to consistently ensure that increased security does not hamper business agility.

AMAEYA's suite of firewall & security services helps ensure that your application, network & security teams are aligned and communicating consistently, helping you achieve service delivery goals and ensure availability of business applications.

key benefits

  • Provision security for critical applications at 1/x the time
  • Improve accuracy, accountability & governance across your teams
  • Benchmark, improve SLA management and targets
  • Effectively manage access to information, files, folders & directory
  • Reduce troubleshooting and downtime related to network issues
  • Deliver continuous compliance with industry, regulatory, corporate standards
  • Align security, operations, compliance, application teams onto same platform

Take a look at our various offerings for and see we can help your organization:

  • BusinessFlow — manage business application connectivity through visibility, clear insights to support connectivity needs and faster service delivery
  • Firewall Analyzer — deliver complete visibility of security policy, with real-time and continuous monitoring and auditing of rule changes
  • FireFlow — automate the security policy change workflow from submission, to design, to risk analysis, to implementation & validation
  • DatAdvantage — ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, monitor all access & flag any abuse
  • Email Security — provide robust email protection for incoming & outgoing email without the need for any added hardware or software
  • Email Archiving — provide consolidate email archiving, with custom retention and full proof retrieval of your email data while maintaining compliance